Dear Resident,

I'm Stewart Mackay, on 12 December, we face a crossroads moment for our country. In order to achieve Brexit, the balance of power in parliament needs to change.

We have seen what happens when a Remainer tries to deliver Brexit. When it comes to making the tough decisions, they bottle it - Theresa May and Philip Hammond are clear examples of this. I believe Boris Johnson has what it takes to ensure we leave the EU. However, what we need to do as a constituency is arm him with an MP that has the conviction and belief in Brexit to go the distance. Your official Conservative candidate, Ben Spencer, has confirmed he voted to Remain. What’s more, Ben does not live in this constituency and currently resides in Bromley. I have been a Conservative member since my mid 20’s until very recently and have been elected to this borough for nearly 10 years, successfully championing local issues and supporting residents. I have held portfolios in Economic Development and Housing amongst others.

I say this to you my fellow resident, that if you elect me, I will support the government in all of it’s manifesto pledges. Being local, I have put together a manifesto that is deliverable at a local level and should improve all our lives. If elected, when Brexit is concluded, I will also seek the Conservative whip.

In this election, and for the first time in 20 years, you as a voter can choose how we take Britain forward.


Best Wishes


Stewart Mackay

My Priorities 

Get Brexit Done 

Safer streets

A strong economy

Investing in Schools 

Strengthen the NHS 

My Local priorities 

Flood defence 

M25 Resurface

Same day Dr appointments

My MP Office in Addlestone  

Darley Dene 1984

Abbeylands 1993

Boris and me Town Hall 2014

Team Vote Leave 2016

The Locals Choice 

Independently blue.